Monday, November 2, 2009

My Year Without Sex

I was fortunate enough to go and see a screening of this film with a commentary from the director Sarah Watts afterwards. Let me tell you, this movie is super cute. Here is the link to the official website, I recommend you have a little look:

Now as much as the title suggests, this is not really a movie about a someone who has decided to give up sex for a year. Yes, that is a factor, but more than that is a story about everyday life and everyday challenges. Perhaps that sounds boring, but let me assure you, this movie is so realistic and has such accurate depictions of the good, the bad and the ugly, that it will leave you wishing there was more months in a year. Each character is so convicing in their portrayal, that to start with, I actually thought this was a documentary following a family.

However, the sexual inuendo introducing each month of the year was a reminder that this is infact a movie. Sarah Watts has done an amazing job of taking what could be a potentially average film and turning it into something amazing. The whole idea of sex and the title references to it gives the movie a perfect angle and helps create a window into the families life. I really enjoyed how this film reminded me that everyone has demons and that the world is in a lot of cases, an unforgiving place. It made me realise that perhaps I wasn't unlike everyone else and that I guess it really is important to just deal with and adjust to what you have.

Look for the quirks and subtelties of each character, they will surprise you and draw you in, adding to the credibility of the overall film. I highly recommend My Year Without Sex, it is well worth the watch and is in no other words a beautiful look at reality.

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